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Dentist East London – manor Park Dental Practice

Manor Park Dental Practice has been serving the local community for over 80 years. We are proud to continue this legacy and promise the highest quality of care and service to our patients.

We strongly believe in preventative care. As keen promoters of good oral hygiene we tailor-make detailed dental care regimens for every one of our patients. Offering both general dentistry and specialist services, technology and training are always at the forefront of everything we do. Every member of our team is kept up-to-date with the right skills and training, so you can rest assured you will be in good hands!

Our services include routine check-ups, consultations, x-rays, routine restorative work, endodontic, treatment of periodontal disease, prostheses and cosmetic work. See below for more information on our services.

Our services

Dental Implants

Dental implants offer one of the most effective and long lasting ways to replace one or more missing teeth.

Invisible Braces

This system produces amazing results for patients wishing to straighten their teeth, but do not like the idea of traditional braces.

Dental Hygiene

As well as regularly visiting your dentist, hygiene appointments should also be an essential part of your dental care.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a gentle chemical process used to eliminate discolouration and lighten teeth, giving you a noticeably brighter and more youthful looking smile.


A veneer is a thin tooth-coloured shell fixed to the front of a tooth to mask discolouration, an irregular shape, damage or small gaps.

Composite Bonding

Dental bonding is becoming increasingly popular among people every year, with millions looking for a quick and non-invasive way to obtain their ideal smile.


If unsightly teeth are spoiling your smile, crowns can offer a neat, natural-coloured cover up.


Dentures are removable false teeth that help to improve how you eat and speak, as well as boosting your confidence by restoring your smile.


As well as restoring an incomplete smile, bridges can offer a host of other benefits.

Rumana KamalRumana Kamal
15:01 16 Jul 24
Waiting time is too long just for a regular visit
My gaming AccountMy gaming Account
14:41 15 Jul 24
Nearly 10 years coming hereFamily is registeredMy all sons 5 and my wife all 7I’m happy with the service and staff I get my appointments when I want itPractice is good
sana fatimasana fatima
14:07 15 Jul 24
Sana FatimaSana Fatima
14:07 15 Jul 24
YesHelpfuFound the appointment from nursery they referred meI give them 5 stars
10:10 12 Jul 24
I had an appointment with the practice and didn't feel well. I was able to make it to the practice but I had a slight temperature and a cough and thought it the responsible thing to cancel to stop the spread of germs to the hygienist. I called before opening and left a message and then again and spoke to the receptionist. They told me that I would lose the deposit. I would have thought safeguarding their staff would be a priority rather than some arbitrary rule about deposits? The amount is not huge but for some people it might be and they would be encouraged to make the appointment regardless. I think this is highly irresponsible. The practice clearly hasn't learnt anything from the years of the pandemic. Although I have no complaints against the treatment I've received there in the past, this has made me decide that I will no longer use this practice if they're implicitly encouraging the spread of germs and disease through their rigid implementation of the cancellation policy.
11:00 09 Jul 24
I got outstanding service from this practice. All stuff are excellent and very professional specially Dr. Innani and her team.
Sadrul alam TaherSadrul alam Taher
13:45 08 Jul 24
I live local, the dentist is good with treatment
Cheikh DiaCheikh Dia
13:29 08 Jul 24
Wariz ConsultantWariz Consultant
08:41 08 Jul 24
vasia sultanavasia sultana
08:40 08 Jul 24
Happy, no issues
Fatima KoshinFatima Koshin
13:36 05 Jul 24
My dentist was so lovely and kind, I greatly appreciate it. 🤎
Amin KhanAmin Khan
18:11 25 Jun 24
Liton SardarLiton Sardar
10:41 17 Jun 24
Explained in much detail thanks all
The ONE Motor ServicesThe ONE Motor Services
18:16 14 Jun 24
Wonderful service
15:07 12 Jun 24
The hygienist, Afyia, was pleasant, ensured I was comfortable. Completed a really good clean and left my mouth feeling very good. This could be the air-flow effect - my mouth felt “alive” afterwards.
mohammed arik rahmanmohammed arik rahman
18:09 10 Jun 24
Zaman Mia JahanZaman Mia Jahan
07:57 10 Jun 24
Flame BoiFlame Boi
07:57 10 Jun 24
Santa AkterSanta Akter
07:56 10 Jun 24
I’ve been coming for a long time, nearly 7 years. It’s also good local practice to me
Shuma MunmunShuma Munmun
23:38 09 Jun 24
I went for hygienist appointment and the hygienist only did the scaling, she didn't polish my teeth. I paid 55 pound only for scaling, That's too much.
Seb BurchellSeb Burchell
15:06 04 Jun 24
Sharda PatelSharda Patel
12:22 03 Jun 24
Doctors and assistants were helpful.
01:50 01 Jun 24
Don't trust the reviews. If you're wondering why this place has so many good reviews after getting done dirty by them, it's because they write it themselves. My Mum went as a NHS patient and was given what they classed as "free treatment" but got a costly fee from NHSBSA. Tried to ask the practice about it, they did say it should have been free but that wasn't enough for NHSBSA and now paying the fee back. This made me lose complete trust in this practice so searched up the place on my mum's account and found that she left a glowing 5 star review. I asked my mum about it and she said that the receptionist asked for a review which is fair, but my Mum said she isn't familair with leaving online reviews so the receptionist "kindly" done it for my mum. It gets even more insulting, they had the audacity to include "will recommend to my daughter" in the review as if they were such a good service when really my mum just wanted to see if there was space for me.So that's one major issue, another issue is that once I got registered and had my appointment it was definitely not 5 stars on my part, had to wait 45 minutes and the appointment felt rushed, and reading the other reviews I'm worried that they missed out serious issues too.
19:21 31 May 24
Have been to several practices but this place is professional, skilled, they even take the time out to explain thoroughly. I'm so grateful to have finally found a dentist I'm comfortable with financially and generally
Shared SulemanShared Suleman
18:43 31 May 24
I’ve been a private patient for a couple of years at this dental practice. As soon as I was exempt due to maternity, I have to become a NHS patient. However, as the dentist said…”we can’t transfer you over from private to NHS. Go somewhere else if you want”.I came for a treatment rather than a check-up. Somehow I was charged for a check-up/consultation along with my treatment cost. The only consultation was the treatment options!Trust me…this dental practice is just after your money and they do not know what clarifying is until you get the bill!!A bit late by then to avoid the extra cost!Looking to go elsewhere…I might be seen as a patient instead of money!
11:28 30 May 24
Have been a patient with the family at this dental practice for years. This practice is no where near a 5 stars rating which most other people has rated.They produce the goods which is looking after your teeth’s. But never have my family or I have been seen on time with the appointment scheduled time, always late by at least 30 mins. Overcrowded during half term, patients waiting by reception and even outside the practice door.Receptionists can be rude at times both over the phone and face to face, have witness this while at the practice during visits.Had an implant which was highly recommended, only lasted little over 2 years. Very disappointed.Have been wanting to leave this practice for years.Parking is another issue, no good for patients who has disability with walking or in a wheelchair as practice is upstairs.
Tumba TshimangaTumba Tshimanga
14:58 28 May 24
My older daughter was removed out of the list because she missed an appointment because she was in the hospital receiving chemotherapy. I will not recommend the clinic,I was also removed out the list because I was in the hospital with my daughter. there is a strong smell each time we visit the clinic. Doctor innani can be very rude.
Sume AkterSume Akter
09:57 28 May 24
5 years I've been coming here and the treatment is top tier
Rahima AkterRahima Akter
09:00 28 May 24
I am an NHS patient and I have come here for regular check ups. Dentist and staff are brilliant. Super helpful. My oral hygiene has improved because of her
12:32 21 May 24
It's good
14:42 15 May 24
Went for hygienist 30 mins clean £55 got a free cut on my inner lip
12:55 15 May 24
Parven SumiParven Sumi
12:55 15 May 24
I come as an NHS patient. The team are so helpful.
Thauhida AkhterThauhida Akhter
12:36 14 May 24
Tried to book an appointment for a check up and the receptionist couldn’t get rid of me fast enough - told me to call back in a few months?? I challenged her and said well what does that mean? Then she booked me in for July - could’ve just done that in the first place because if I called in a few months there would’ve been nothing available for another few months!Then I was told I’d receive a text confirmation which I didnt so I now need to call again and chase up
Sultan AhmadSultan Ahmad
13:25 13 May 24
Ahana akterAhana akter
13:25 13 May 24
Great staff all helpful. The dentist is amazing too.
09:55 10 May 24
I’ve been attending this dental practice for over 10 years with my children and I’d like to say that the service is exceptional, staff are friendly and my children and I receive dedicated personalised care. Thank you for looking after our teeth and gums!
farhan khan shakilfarhan khan shakil
20:55 02 May 24
Service is very good. They have to say I like their usage and all their faces. Congratulations to Manor Park Dental Care
Carol LeatherbyCarol Leatherby
13:53 24 Apr 24
I saw Dr Shah for a check-up and had 2 X rays and nothing else. I should have been charged NHS band 1 £26.80 but instead was charged £36.80. No cleaning or scaling was attempted. Disappointed as I've been a patient here for many years.However the receptionist rang me after posting the review and explained the cost had included the deposit for my hygienist appointment.This should have been made clear after my check up.
Harry MorrisHarry Morris
10:26 23 Apr 24
As always the treatment was done with care, without fuss or delay, the staff are friendly and professional.
10:00 23 Apr 24
Recepcionists are very rude and speak to you anyhow because you are NHS patient. even the hygienist was so angry and made me feel bad for not having clean teeth. would not recommend this practice. there are better dentista around the area
Mohnid JarelnabiMohnid Jarelnabi
14:34 22 Apr 24
The best
arun sadhasivamarun sadhasivam
14:28 22 Apr 24
Zakia NasrinZakia Nasrin
09:34 22 Apr 24
It's been a great visit, thank you all
Zakia NasrinZakia Nasrin
09:33 22 Apr 24
saiful islamsaiful islam
09:33 22 Apr 24
Happy with my appointment. My issue was resolved swiftly and team was helpful.
Sirajul IslamSirajul Islam
14:40 19 Apr 24
Younes AliYounes Ali
13:10 19 Apr 24
The peoples was good. Happy with people’s.
Taslima AkterTaslima Akter
12:56 19 Apr 24
Nearly one year at this practice and the appointments are fast thank you
princess Iprincess I
12:52 19 Apr 24
Can't praise the practice enough. Always a great experience thanks all.
Dora RaphaelDora Raphael
09:35 19 Apr 24
Masum QuddusMasum Quddus
11:32 18 Apr 24
Kamrun NaharKamrun Nahar
11:31 18 Apr 24
Kind staff and skilled dentist. Will be back shortly.
Gabriel BorsGabriel Bors
13:54 17 Apr 24
Younus BasherYounus Basher
10:38 17 Apr 24
Arshad AliArshad Ali
08:43 17 Apr 24
I had a great experience with this practice, I appreciate how much my dentist cares. Very professional and reliable place.
md alauddin bhuiyamd alauddin bhuiya
10:51 16 Apr 24
I found this practice starring number 1 on google. Thank you!
Hura JannatHura Jannat
10:17 16 Apr 24
Grateful NHS patient, my kids love to come too.
08:38 16 Apr 24
Got an appointment the same day, helped me out greatly with my phone details. God bless you
09:46 15 Apr 24
I’ve come here for numerous years and my full family comes here, I rate it 5 stars
08:59 10 Apr 24
Explained nicely about the treatment and also explained follow up process very nicely. Good advice been given to look after teeth, staffs work there are also helpful.
cherag husseincherag hussein
16:38 03 Apr 24
Ripa BaruaRipa Barua
10:41 14 Mar 24
The best place to get ypur treatment sorted. All the ladies were very kind to my family.
Litu BaruaLitu Barua
14:51 12 Mar 24
I came as an NHS patient and the service is outstanding!!
mohammed islammohammed islam
10:29 12 Mar 24
Dentist is one of a kind. This practice is very efficient from the point I enter up until I leave. Very happy.
Archchana SanthuruArchchana Santhuru
11:43 05 Mar 24
Many great things about this practice. I never want to change. Everyone works efficiently and ever so kind.
Sima AkterSima Akter
11:37 05 Mar 24
Good place
Shomi AkterShomi Akter
11:37 05 Mar 24
Sima IslamSima Islam
11:37 05 Mar 24
kayes ahmedkayes ahmed
11:36 05 Mar 24
Found appointment good. Everyone is lovely and the dentist is very informative and helpful
nikita patelnikita patel
10:13 04 Mar 24
Whatever I expected from this appointment, it was that and more!!
Oum MaryamOum Maryam
15:08 01 Mar 24
Caring staff and dentist
mohamed ataourymohamed ataoury
15:08 01 Mar 24
Rajaa AtaouryRajaa Ataoury
15:08 01 Mar 24
maryama rajaamaryama rajaa
15:07 01 Mar 24
Helpful people
Antu BhuiyanAntu Bhuiyan
10:51 01 Mar 24
Im an NHS patient here, shes made me so happy, got my false teeth today. I can smile confidently again because of here. Want to say a big thanks to the dentist.
Nazran RahmanNazran Rahman
20:40 28 Feb 24
They provide really good service.All the staffs including dentists,nurses & receptionists are so humble, skilled and professional.
Precy AsuncionPrecy Asuncion
11:36 28 Feb 24
My appointment was good. Found it helpful
Nayeem ChowdhuryNayeem Chowdhury
11:20 28 Feb 24
The practice has been serving me for 9 years. The loving nature and passionate attitude towards health care is appreciated.
Abi ChoAbi Cho
11:19 28 Feb 24
The team and dentists are brilliant. I can trust my dentist with my oral health entirely. Great lady thank you!
Edd HarphamEdd Harpham
17:08 27 Feb 24
Called me up to come earlier for my appointment then made me wait an extra half an hour. Total waste of time paid £35 to speak to them about teeth whitening then they just told me what you can read online in 5 mins.
Aqsa JavaidAqsa Javaid
13:48 27 Feb 24
aksa javaidaksa javaid
13:48 27 Feb 24
Dentist is great she taught me how to keep up with my brushing and dietary advice. Im an NHS patient and id never change from here. The help you get at Manor Park Dental is like nowhere else!! Thank you all for running this place very efficiently and smoothly.
Farida YeasmimFarida Yeasmim
14:49 26 Feb 24
Nhs patient here. Good service.
Farida YeasminFarida Yeasmin
14:48 26 Feb 24
This practice is walking distance from my house, this place has helped me out and I'm grateful for all the staff here thank you mainly to the head dentist!!Your work and advice is much appreciated.
Loz DLoz D
15:48 23 Feb 24
Saw the hygienist today and although I wasn't worried, I was consulted, reassured and asked how I was feeling throughout - this is really good.The clean was very thorough and I'm happy with the service and how my teeth look.I have to be private so £55 isn't cheap but it's not the most expensive either. Next appointment in 6 months.
Steve HetheringtonSteve Hetherington
11:11 23 Feb 24
Emdadul BhuiyanEmdadul Bhuiyan
09:55 23 Feb 24
Dentist is very intelligent. Recption are very helpful and nurses areso kind too
M.S RahmanM.S Rahman
09:11 23 Feb 24
Dentist is great, i come for hygiene and extraction. Even im on benefit but she still give me first class servce. Everyones so ind, areciate thank u
Peter BoakyePeter Boakye
10:43 21 Feb 24
I'm very comfortable with this place, the reviews are immaculate and i can say from my visits so far its been great. Thanks all
A LayekA Layek
07:18 21 Feb 24
The service here is very bad. The doctor's intention here is not to better serve the patient who has taken his money from the NHS.
Hasnaa AsfouriHasnaa Asfouri
10:44 19 Feb 24
Great place, the staff are so helpful
Asim KasmiAsim Kasmi
12:58 15 Feb 24
Very professional and helpful
Ansari pvAnsari pv
08:30 11 Feb 24
I regret for doing treatment here. Poor advises. Now I got tooth sensitivity after filling. 😑
Dhivya SDhivya S
08:40 09 Feb 24
Expensive. For 15 minutes cleaning they charged me 30 min's cost
shahzad Buttshahzad Butt
17:58 08 Feb 24
I was not expecting the way been checked! Paid Privately and paid for x-ray with in 5min free to go! 2options was given take the tooth out for £100 charges or bear the pain. I refused to take the tooth out as similar advised were given in 2018 for one of my tooth which stayed longer till 2023. I felt if proper treatment was given that could be survived for more longer. So today just was pain and she advised as gum infection only option to take this out! when I said No then she offered me a special tooth paste which might help to reduce the pain and good for Gums! Why not offered 1st? why straight way advised take the tooth out? She further said because of diabetic having Gum disease. When I told her my diabetic in control and stay on one level from last 20years and controlling by food than she said it could be hygiene issue and asked me to book for hygiene which I did than cancel it! I decided to not to go for that surgery anymore. I Feel just rip-off!
Pam MarleyPam Marley
16:08 08 Feb 24
i had not visited a dentist for several years but decided to get some urgent catching up done. After a disappointing wait, I was, however, very impressed with the efficiency and quality of the treatment i received. I am confident enough to go back to complete further treatment and would recommend the practice.
Jainaba BadjieJainaba Badjie
21:06 06 Feb 24
George KluGeorge Klu
12:45 01 Feb 24
Smart Home TechSmart Home Tech
18:19 25 Jan 24
Friendly and great service.
yasmin abdoyasmin abdo
10:36 23 Jan 24
Tony AbbottTony Abbott
17:01 18 Jan 24
All was efficiently done on complaints
Richard KaczynskiRichard Kaczynski
14:36 18 Jan 24
Went very well
Junk mailJunk mail
14:37 15 Jan 24
Practice is transparent and helpful. I got composite bonding done, worth every penny!!!
Zee KayZee Kay
13:11 15 Jan 24
I was not happy with my visit. The hygienist cleaned my teeth but gave me a cut on my lip. Used anaesthesia for the cleaning up and my gums and mouth was numb for nearly 12 hours.Having a cut on the lip was the worst bit as I paid £55 for this service..
Sharrann GayleSharrann Gayle
15:05 09 Jan 24
Very good service, everything was explained what need to be done.
Aftekhar AlomAftekhar Alom
13:44 09 Jan 24
Bernard CampbellBernard Campbell
10:26 22 Dec 23
Very professional. This dental practice has definitely upped their standards of service and follow through the times of Dr Levy. I would continue to recommend the practice.
Irfan HoqueIrfan Hoque
10:08 22 Dec 23
The dentist is kind and helpful I've come here for numerous years.
Vasile CodruVasile Codru
16:44 21 Dec 23
Hiteshi PatelHiteshi Patel
16:28 21 Dec 23
Good experience of check up Dr. Shradha Inani is very good. checking properly and provides full guidence on treatement. visited today afternoon.
Mohammad SwabirMohammad Swabir
15:37 21 Dec 23
As always everything is fine, doctors plus staff workers always smile and give all their ears to you.
rutu vaghelarutu vaghela
13:06 12 Dec 23
Got invisalign and bonding treatment with an incredible dentist. I cant stop looking at my teeth!!!
Al KewleyAl Kewley
14:44 24 Nov 23
Every member of staff was extremely helpful and friendly! It was great for a nervous patient to be able to get all the treatments done in one afternoon would 100% recommend.
A.H SirajiA.H Siraji
11:08 17 Nov 23
Got a bonding case done at the practice. From start to finish she was amazing, professional, so gentle. If anything, was such a relaxing appointment considering how big of a treatment it was. Thanks team and doc!!
Nazim UddinNazim Uddin
11:07 16 Nov 23
Very clear, easy to understand instructions. They were quite friendly and helpful.
shamsun naharshamsun nahar
09:45 16 Nov 23
I have come here 5 years and my family comes here, i understand what my dentist says, she looks after me and informs me well
Abdullah JAbdullah J
16:16 15 Nov 23
Hassain MishuHassain Mishu
11:07 14 Nov 23
Bad dentel clinic I ever seen. They do nothing for cheak up. They took money from gov but service is very bad.Stuff behaviour so rude
Parmey HayreParmey Hayre
09:03 14 Nov 23
The due care in this dentist is outstanding, I come from a different area as I have so much trust in practice.
Fouzia AzmathFouzia Azmath
15:49 07 Nov 23
Have come here since 2 years, church road has referred us and the dentist was good.
Wahid HakimiWahid Hakimi
11:33 07 Nov 23
My brother recommended the practice. I’ve come here for 4-5 years, live a bit far but worth it and the dentist n staff are all great !!
tania ahmedtania ahmed
14:13 02 Nov 23
Excellent dental practice in Manor park everyone is very professional and respectful. There are same day appointments available if required. This practice offers a variety of dental procedures and we would highly recommend them. Thank you!
Juthi nusrat JathenJuthi nusrat Jathen
16:06 30 Oct 23
Had composite bonding treatment done. So impressed with my results thanks to my dentist!
Zakir HossainZakir Hossain
10:02 30 Oct 23
The dentist is great. I booked in for invitation and from start to finish she has been exceptional. I felt genuinely listened to. The treatment options presented were explained in depth, offering clarity without overwhelming me as a patient. There were no hard sell or unnecessary upselling. Also, the staff were very helpful. Needless to say, it caters for all thank you!!
Syeda Raheema AlimSyeda Raheema Alim
12:53 20 Oct 23
Went to this dentist for my invisaligners. I just finished my last round and I’m pleased with my results. The dentist was really friendly and informative at every step along my invisaligner journey. The receptionist staff were always available and accommodating. Customer service was great at this dental practice
Kamruj JamanKamruj Jaman
08:35 11 Oct 23
I've come here twice for hygiene and now I look forward to seeing the dentist as I've heard lots of good things about her
Humayra PatelHumayra Patel
22:15 07 Oct 23
Im very happy with the lady dentist, guided me through the whole procedure , has a very calming voice definitely recommend this practice especially for nervous patient’s !!
Janani EdwardsJanani Edwards
23:00 06 Oct 23
don't go here i heard the lead lady dentist doesnt care about her patients. despite knowing that some of her patients have deep cavities she doesn't encourage them to take local anaesthesia when udergoing filling procedure which is known to be painful without it. if you truly care about your patients you will provide them with a painless service that it is what a true dentist is. I also heard i think her name is Shraddha is got a bit of an attitude problem like too much pride. Just avoid going here i think they just want money and don't really care about patient needs.
Geoff8949 TealeGeoff8949 Teale
11:20 02 Sep 23
I haven't been to a Dentist for many years and yet this Dental Practitioner made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I would Certainly Recommend this Dental Practitioner to people who have apprehensions with Dental Treatment. They deserve 5 STARS Plus.Many thanks for your kindness and understanding
11:28 25 Aug 23
Saw Nadia today! Had my first hygiene clean with her, she did a really good job with my teeth - very thorough. Will definitely book in to see her in the future!
fauzia Umm Aminahfauzia Umm Aminah
16:35 18 Aug 23
I have health conditions. I waited for 45 min and then walked out. My children were getting unsettled. They allowed people to go dentist that arrived after us. What's the point of an appointment? This is not the first time this happened. Everything has its limits of tolerance.
Ask ShujaAsk Shuja
11:09 25 Jul 23
I am visiting this surgery quite a while now and i always found the staff and Doctor very helpful, specially Dr Innani and office manager Juine very helpful. The surgery is very neat and clean. Dr Innani knows her patients very well and always suggest the best solution of their teeth problems. Thanks 🙏 to Dr Annani and her Colleagues at the Surgery making a wonderful experience for me and i am sure for everyone who visits the Surgery.Mr. Kazmi
10:35 23 Jun 23
They were able to see me within a few days for each appointment which is suck a quick turnaround. The dentist was very accommodating of my preferences for the aesthetic of my teeth and made sure I was happy with the results - and I am very happy with the results!
Sami AljaradatSami Aljaradat
08:15 18 Apr 23
I have been coming here for 3 and a half years. I trust this practice and my dentist, always providing me with the best honest advice. Thank u
Nokha HaqueNokha Haque
10:15 30 Mar 23
I had a great experience here in this dental practice. The dentist was friendly and very polite and did my treatment very good. I am fully satisfied with the service done by Dr. Inani. She made me understand the whole process step by step which was really good. I am really happy for the treatment.
Mark GomesMark Gomes
16:03 23 Mar 23
Brilliant outcome after my Dental Hygienist treatment. A great thank you to Ishita for her excellent work and for giving me highly informative advice to maintain my teeth and gum healthy. Definitely looking forward to my next appointment.
Dinara AhmedDinara Ahmed
13:15 08 Mar 23
The dentist was fabulous with me and now today with the hygienist she's just as brilliant. My other previous dentist never got my teeth this white. Very grateful that I made a move here. Great professional and loving environment.
Amina begumAmina begum
09:52 03 Mar 23
I moved away from this area but I still don’t want to change. I really like this dentist. She’s so kind to me and asks everything clearly and politely. Recommend this to all my family and people.
Babul IslamBabul Islam
10:26 01 Mar 23
I drive by this practice all the time and i wanted to try it out. I managed to put all my kids here and my wife, i have also registered here. They help with all appoitments and fitting which time is best for ke. The dentist explains very well and so much information available to read in the waiting room. Thank you
Fatima rihaFatima riha
12:39 24 Feb 23
Practice is brilliant!! Always seen with a smile from the dentist and staff. They offer so much help and always there for anything I’m unsure of. I never feel confused on my treatment, I’m made fully aware verbally and a written copy is given for my safe keeping and its explained always in detail. Great mannerism and flow of the practice. Would recommend here for sure!
Nurzahan AkterNurzahan Akter
09:45 21 Feb 23
Very lovely practice they’re are so very kind doctor treats me so we’ll and explains politely and she’s gentle with me. From my first visit all the way until today I’m so happy with her and the way they work 🙂
Iqra GayaIqra Gaya
20:22 10 Feb 23
Would give even more stars if I could, everyone is thorough and professional. Dentist is extremely skilled in all complex treatments. She never rushes her work and makes sure I understand 100% before i go ahead with anything. Thank you!!
Mara NatuzziMara Natuzzi
11:58 27 Jan 23
Positive experience, I had a tooth filling falling out and I was received and treated immediately. The dentist was nice and patient to reassure me as I easily get scared about medical treatments. Fast and good service, I can't thank all the staff enough for their help.
M. HussainM. Hussain
13:56 11 Jan 23
Recently went to this dental practice for a deep clean. Never been to a dental practice before and didn’t know what to expect. Chose this practice as it was the highest rated and I now know why.Very clean practice with amazing staff. Was seen by Israt who made the deep clean very easy. Very professional and told me step by step what would happen during the clean. Did an amazing job.After the clean I was recommended that I do an Enlighten Evolution Teeth whitening course. There was no pressure from the staff to do the course. I said yes due to my yellow/stained teeth and I had low confidence issues because of it. They took a cast of both rows of my teeth and made custom trays for the whitening gels. After the two week course, I was very impressed with the results. Highly recommend it. A noticeable result. My friends and family have noticed my teeth look much better.I’ll definitely will be coming back for my check ups at this practice.
ruhi Koradiaruhi Koradia
12:38 19 Dec 22
The appointment was good, she gave a lot of advice and she is polite. I searched up the nearest NHS dentist and came across this one. Staff is also brilliant.
Yasmin PatelYasmin Patel
11:51 09 Nov 22
I saw Ishrat hygienist this morning, she is a really nice pleasant lady. Whilst she is cleaning your teeth she puts you at ease and will ask you few times if you are ok. Her cleaning method is very thorough overall I would recommend Ishrat to friends and family. Receptionist June is a lovely lady very polite, friendly and a helpful person. It was my first time at this dental practice and it was a good experience. Thank you
Didka ValchevaDidka Valcheva
22:59 08 Nov 22
Dr Sneh Shah was my son’s dentist, his appointment was all fine. She was very patient with him considering my son didn’t want to open his mouth. I would recommend the practice. Thank you ! .
Sabiha UmarSabiha Umar
12:46 02 Nov 22
New to the area and have found the receptionists are very welcoming and accommodating. Every time I have needed an emergency appointment, they have fitted me in on the same day. The dentists are excellent and advise you thoroughly on needed treatments. Highly recommend.
Sadiah ChowdhurySadiah Chowdhury
12:41 29 Oct 22
Went for a session with the hygienist Israt, and she was the loveliest! Her service was amazing and she ensured I was comfortable throughout the whole session. Not only was she amazing at the job she did but also gave me the best advice in regards to caring for my teeth at home. Israt answered all my questions and took her time explaining everything to me!
Tracy BakerTracy Baker
16:50 07 Sep 22
Aisha RasoolAisha Rasool
10:47 01 Sep 22
It was a very good experience .. Doctor is very nice and Dr ishrat did her job very well 🙂
Halima BegumHalima Begum
19:22 22 Aug 22
Denist Ishrat is amazing. Had an appt with her today, makes you feel very comfortable, very polite and comitted to her job. Highly recommend her!! Previously came for the same reason with another Dentist and did not get the full treatment I paid for. Thank you Ishrat xxx
UK districtUK district
17:41 05 Aug 22
Dr Shraddha Innani runs a good practice + staff, work is done in a smooth co-ordinated manner always a pleasant experience seeing her.💕
Abdullah PatelAbdullah Patel
20:31 28 Jul 22
My first time visiting here and I just have to write a review. The dentist was professional, made me feel at ease, explained all my options thoroughly and took the time to make sure I was okay each step of the way. The practice was clean and staff were all polite. The dentist will continue the treatment soon but I’m already so pleased with my smile progress so far it has boosted my confidence and have made a lot of progress towards my smile goal. Thanks a ton!! I’ll see how the hygienist goes as that is my next appointment.Once again, many thanks dentist
Hamza KarimHamza Karim
19:50 28 Jul 22
I wanted to share my positive experience at this NHS practice. The level of care provided was exceptional
Do The Right ThingDo The Right Thing
19:44 27 Jul 22
BAD DENTIST WARNING! They have injured my friend and removed and smashed a perfectly good tooth and left my friend bleeding in pain unable to eat and talk or go to work. They are very untrustworthy and dishonest. I know because I am helping my friend to recover from the inhumane actions that this so called dentist has done to him.BEWARE OF THIS DENTIST WHO IS MAKING HER OWN REVIEWS
Caleb StewartCaleb Stewart
19:39 27 Jul 22
They extracted the wrong tooth when my friend went there and tried to tell him some nonsense when he complained. Then would not give him his own X-ray.Dodgy Dentist! If you want your mouth painfully smashed up and unable to eat and talk give them a try.BE WARNED!Just my opinion!
11:27 24 Jul 22
I had a great experience with my dentist. Family friendly practice!
Alima RahmanAlima Rahman
14:12 29 Jun 22
I’ve been going to this dental practice for about a good year now, I can honestly say the hygienist, Ishrat, is the most loveliest woman/hygienist ever. Not only is she great at her job, you can tell she takes pleasure in her work. She always ensures I’m at my optimum comfort during the appointment. On top of that, she remembers me from our previous appts and always ends it in a hug! The dentists, I’ve seen about 4 times and they’re also lovely, definitely not as talkative but they always do a good job! I’d highly recommend this dental practice.
Fiona GaynorFiona Gaynor
15:29 10 Jun 22
I find this to be a good Dental practice, they are flexible, friendly and helpful,the Dentist whom I regularly see, is also helpful. Overall satisfied.
Adam CAdam C
15:24 08 Jun 22
I would highly recommend this dental surgery. I had a hygienist appointment today with Israt and she was excellent at her job. I get very anxious going to the dentist and she explained everything to me, was very understanding, and also talked me through ways in which I could further improve my teeth and gums. Israt was very patient with me and answered all my questions and made the appointment stress free. Highly recommend
Son LeeSon Lee
10:08 06 Jun 22
Attended clinic after transfer from previous dentist and found a wonderful, professional and efficient Hyginiest Israt. She was absolutely amazing, informative, showed empathy and gave great advice to top it all I was given an amazing new 😀...
Leena AhluwaliaLeena Ahluwalia
18:16 27 May 22
I started my Invisalign journey in September and just finished now. The experience was amazing. Dr Inanani was very helpful and guided me throughout my journey. The dentist were very cooperative and understanding. Overall i am happy with how my teeth are now.
Aneesh GsAneesh Gs
09:29 17 May 22
I had a hygienist appointment with Israt at the Manor Park Dental Practice and I must say she provided me with an excellent service. She was extremely friendly, professional and gave me great advice on future treatment and care for my teeth.
Tony MorrisonTony Morrison
10:52 11 May 22
Excellent service - pain free. Would recommend
Rahul AhmedRahul Ahmed
13:45 10 May 22
I can’t complain about my experience at Manor Park Dental Practise as the process for the Invisalign was daunting but made very simple by Shradda Innani. Everything was explained in detail and I was given a guide throughout. I also would like to shout out Jwan the receptionist as she has been absolutely amazing with every query I’ve had whether that’s over the phone or in the dentist. Extremely friendly and professional.
Iqra AsifIqra Asif
17:30 05 May 22
The dentist demonstrated a high level of expertise, providing me with valuable assistance during a painful experience. Recommended for sure!.
Uzma PatelUzma Patel
18:40 04 May 22
Treatment was done with careDentist is informative regarding what she’s doing and explaining each step of the way....Has a comforting voice, very reassuring
Aisha PatelAisha Patel
12:25 04 May 22
The dentist was wonderful and provided a comprehensive explanation of my treatments. She gave me ample time to think about my options. Overall, it was a great service!
Mohammed PatelMohammed Patel
14:22 16 Mar 22
I was seen today by a friendly Hygenist today called Israt. She provided me with useful information on how to brush my teeth correctly and other useful information on how to maintain good hygiene. Thank you for an excellent service.
Rose LRose L
13:18 23 Feb 22
I have been going to this dentistry and hygienist for a number of years now, they always provide top customer service from the receptionist who is really welcoming and friendly to the dentist, dental nurses and hygienist Israt. They are all brilliant at their jobs and take great care to explain the work that is needed and how best to maintain your teeth and gums. Highly recommend!
01:57 20 Feb 22
Sana (Sanaa?), the hygienist who cleaned my teeth, was excellent. Normally, my gums feel sore after a cleaning, but my teeth were sparkling and I had no soreness at all. It was a really refreshing and pleasant experience.
14:23 09 Feb 22
Very good experience. Hygienist Israt was very informative, experienced and kind. Would recommend.
Arif HArif H
13:00 09 Feb 22
I just had a hygienist appointment with Israt at the Manor Park Dental Practice and I must say she provided me with an excellent service. She was extremely friendly, professional and gave me great advice on future treatment and care for my teeth. Would give more than 5* if possible!

What our patients say


I have been going to this dentistry and hygienist for a number of years now, they always provide top customer service and friendly. Highly recommend!


Professional, clean, efficient, great customer service and very easy to get an appointment. Have been a patient for over 2 years and my experience is consistently excellent!


Helpful and courteous. Although I was nervous, they helped me all the way with my nervousness and I’m surely always going to return to this place for any other dental issues.

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